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Before He Finds You

Before He Finds You


Step 1 in the premarital series, Before He Finds You equips and empowers single women to become the best version of themselves through personal and spiritual development. While marriage is promised to no one, investing in one’s personal growth provides a strong foundation that leads to a fulfilling life for singles and marrieds alike.

Complete with an 18-month calendar and journal, Before He Finds You deals frankly with issues that are often overlooked, but are most influential in the outcome of any relationship. By

  • building a strong support circle of quality women

  • relying upon God for direction, and

  • focusing your energy on bettering yourself

this book will challenge you to focus on your whole person because getting married is not an isolated event, but all-encompassing way of life that requires all of you to be ready before you say, “I do.”

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