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Laugh Bag

Laugh Bag


You may know a family in need of a laugh. The Laugh Bag is a great gift to all families of various ages. It includes six our products valued at $20 each and a grey drawstring bag.

Laughing on Purpose DVD

This family focused, laid back stand up comedic style is his first solo comedy special on DVD. Laughing on Purpose will push you to laugh until your face hurts while inspiring you at the same time.

Funny For a Reason CD

Having a true understanding of his gift, Michael Jr. is changing the face of comedy as we know it. Funny for a Reason is 45 minutes of comedy with a message at the end.

Breaktime CD

This collection finds Michael Jr. getting to know the folks between the jokes as he puts his audience on the spot for on target - off the cuff  - authentic funny.

The Parts We Play Children's Book

This challenging and entertaining book will help your children realize that no matter who they are, they will always have really important parts to play in life.

The No Show Comedy Event DVD + Booklet

Learn how a comedian and a community came together, sold tickets to a show that never took place, and profoundly impacted a family in need.

2X The Funny Digital Download

This digital download drop card includes the audio from Laughing on Purpose and the video documentary The Comedy Road Less Traveled that follows Michael Jr. as he takes comedy to homeless shelters, abused youth centers and prisons.

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