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Michael Jr.'s Breaktime CD

Michael Jr.'s Breaktime CD


Everyone needs a break from time to time, even comedian Michael Jr. 

Finally, a project that captures completely unrehearsed funny in a collection of authentic, off the cuff, audience interaction that will have you laughing like you're right there in the moment. So, turn up the funny - listen - laugh - As Michael Jr. gets to know the folks between the jokes.

No matter where you find Michael Jr. - stepping to the mic of today's top TV shows, sharing the screen with leading actors in block buster films, or simply bringing the funny to theaters, comedy clubs, churches, arenas, or in your car and home as you listen and laugh to this project  - You will find his unique comedy breaking a smile on the faces of all ages and diverse crowds everywhere!  This collection finds Michael Jr. getting to know the folks between the jokes. Sit back and enjoy completely unrehearsed funny as Michael Jr. puts his audience on the spot for on target - off the cuff  - authentic funny. Enjoy! 

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